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Welcome to Petaluma, California

Flanked by the Petaluma River, the small North Bay city of Petaluma has a handsome downtown and a rich history as both the birthplace of the World's Wristwrestling Championship and the center of the poultry industry. The number one poultry-producing area on the West Coast, Petaluma became known as the "World's Egg Basket" from the 1880s through the 1940s. (The chicken is to Petaluma what the banana slug is to Santa Cruz.)

The city's '50s-style architectural look has made it an ideal filming location for movies set in small towns (like 1999's Mumford), as well as many period pieces, from American Graffiti to Peggy Sue Got Married. The streets where George Lucas shot American Graffiti draw fans of the film and classic car aficionados to Petaluma each year. All that's needed on those streets is Wolfman Jack's omnipresent howl from the movie ("The Wolfman is everywhere"), and it's '62 all over again.

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